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Scroll down for information about pricing, gift vouchers, the process we'll be going through, and also some tips on how to take a good photo of your pet for the drawing.


Drawing of One Pet

A4 - £115

A3 - £135

A2 - £160

A1 - £185


Drawing of Two Pets

A4 - £150

A3 - £170

A2 - £195

A1 - £220


If you have a different number of pets, or would like a custom size let me know in your message, and I'll get back to you with a price.

Framing is available for certain sizes upon request, for an extra cost, but will also increase the cost of shipping.


Use the form below to tell me what you would like
and get a quote today.

Or you can call: (+44) 7867 493 461

or email:

Absolutely pleasure to do business with. Great contact and fantastic artist. Already planning the next order. Highly recommend and brilliant value for money!


Jordan produced a brilliant pet portrait of two beautiful dogs. We're absolutely delighted. Jordan has incredible talent and is a delight to work with. Fantastic professional service from start to finish.


What a fantastic experience. Jordan himself is lovely to work with, quick responses and an obvious love of what he does. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.


Choose the type of portrait you'd like and I'll send you a quote!

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Having trouble choosing?

Don't worry! Just send me a message with your inquiry and I can advise you on what specifications would be best for you.

Get a Quote
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I accept all sorts of commissions, but Pet Portraits are a big favourite. They make a fantastic unique and special gift.

All portraits are done in black and white pastel, achieving a realistic and modern look. Perfect for a living room or to hang on a wall. All pieces are done on a high quality, archival grade paper.

Sizes vary from small A4 studies up to A1, which will depend on the subject and budget. I've included an image to give you an impression of the size of the artwork on a wall, in a living room.


Here's a quick overview of the process:

1. Get in contact! You can call or email me.

2. We'll talk about your requirements, your budget and how long it will take.

3. You'll send me a few of your favourite photos of your pet, and we can discuss which ones would be best to use. Take a look at my photo guide to get an idea of the kind of image that works best.

4. I'll complete the commission and send you a photo for approval. If you're happy with it, I'll request payment and then send the work to you in a postage tube.

The Process


A good photo is very important! The better the photo, the better the drawing. Sending across multiple images can help give me an idea of the character of your pet, and helps with the selection process.  Below are examples of two good photos, and two bad photos. If after you've looked through the guide you're still unsure what kind of photo to take, get in touch! I'll happily talk with you about it.

Photo Tips


The best photos are clear, high resolution and have good lighting.

It is a good idea to take the photos outside or in a room with a lot of natural light. Having the light shine on one side of the face will result in a much more visually interesting portrait.

Try and take a photo close to your pet. Zooming in will result in a large loss of detail.

If you're unsure what pose you would like, get your pet to look at or to the side of the camera. These poses always end with a good result.


Bad photos are often blurry have flat lighting (taken with a flash or too much light from behind the subject).

It's usually fairly easy to know if a photo is usable or not.

If you cant see details of features on your pet, like individual hairs, then the photo most likely will not be clear enough.

If photos have been downloaded or screenshotted from a messaging service like Facebook or WhatsApp, they will be compressed and the resolution will be significantly worse than the original photo, rendering the photo effectively unusable. Use the originals and send uncompressed via email.

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