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'Black, White and Red All Over' - Full Soundscape
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An exhibition aimed at opening up the conversation about mental health.


Jordan Eastwood’s drawings are inspired by his own struggles with anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation.


Jordan, who is largely self taught, hopes he can break down barriers and present artwork in a new and dramatic way. He uses pastels and charcoal to create a series of challenging introspective drawings.


The show, entitled ‘Black, White and Red All Over: A Peek into a Room called Mind’ is currently displayed at his studio in Gulworthy. The exhibition includes a series of 29 drawings, a sculpture and a soundscape, which aim to transform Jordan’s studio into an atmospheric representation of his mind, encouraging us all to confront our own emotional challenges.


Jordan said:

“I am glad that in recent years mental health has become more of a discussed and relevant topic, but I feel it still has a long way to go, and I hope that my artwork will help inspire people to open up and show them that it’s ok to talk about this.


“I’m very excited to present my most ambitious work yet. I’m aiming for a really deep atmosphere, consisting of large imposing artworks displayed across the whole back wall of my studio along with ambient sounds to anchor you in. I want people to take the ten steps down the path, into my studio and feel they are transported to a different world. I’m heavily inspired by artists such as Mark Rothko and Francis Bacon, who, with their large and atmospheric works, could dominate and change a whole room, making a real impression on any viewer.”


The exhibition was initially shown during Devon Open Studios,in which artists all over the county welcomed visitors into their studios. Jordan was one of five artists selected for a bursary from Devon Artist Network to support his participation in the event. The award aims to nurture and encourage talented artists by helping to fund their participation and support them in this prestigious annual event.


The studio is located on the site of Woodovis Park, a local caravan park in Gulworthy, near Tavistock. Private viewings can be booked by calling or emailing Jordan. 

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